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‘Spirit Girls’ is for the girl who grew up misunderstood in her sensitivities, Who has always ‘Known’ things in unexplainable ways, Who owns far too many crystals, Often feels more connected to her Spirit Guides than humans, Who is ready to utilise her Gifts and find her soul sisters!

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Looking for more girlfriends who actually ‘get you’? Or some Crystal shopping companions? We’ve created this feature to literally help Spirit Girls find each other in their neighbourhoods!

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Our life hack: Always trusting our intuition

Jessica Reid

Jessica Reid

Clairvoyant, Channel & Creator of Spirit Girls!

Intuitive Gift: Clairvoyant (obvs)
Star Sign: Leo
Loves: Watching Sex and the city, Horseriding, Camping in nature & Girl time!
From: New Zealand but a traveling gypsy!

Tayla Reid

Tayla Reid

Spirit Girls Social Media, Events & Community Manager (Queen of sassy quotes & spiritual memes)

Intuitive Gift: Claircognizant
Star Sign: Gemini
Loves: Family, Hudson (Her lil boy!), Interior design & Donuts!
From: New Zealand

Vanessa Mcintosh

Vanessa Mcintosh

Marketing & Copywriting Goddess

Intuitive Gift: Clairaudience
Star Sign: Pisces
Loves: Reading, Writing, All things space (Astrology & Moonology), Conspiracy theories & Bintangs on the beach!
From: UK but living in Bali!

Hayley Grammenos

Hayley Grammenos

Collaborations, Podcast & PR Manager

Intuitive Gift: Clairvoyant
Star Sign: Aries
Loves: Being by the ocean, Her Family, Greece and the colour blue!
From: UK but living in Australia

Stephanie Corrigan

Stephanie Corrigan

Website Creator

Intuitive Gift: Claircognizant
Star Sign: Pisces
Loves: Traveling, Spin and Barre Classes, Coffee Shops, Her 2 Kitties
From: California but living in Brooklyn

Linda Reid

Accounts (& Bach Flower Practitioner, Featuring at the NZ Slumber Parties!)

Intuitive Gift: Clairsentience
Star Sign: Scorpio
Loves: Family, Chocolate, Horseriding & Starting up the dance floor!
From: New Zealand